Dressed for Success - Simple style tips to sell your home quickly

When it comes to selling your property, you need prospective buyers to leave the viewing thinking, “I want to live in that house!”


You are trying to present your home in a way that makes it aspirational to others – your home needs to represent the “next step” on their property journey.


De-clutter and provide a sense of space

Emphasizing space is one of the most important things you can do to sell your home. 


Remove any furniture or objects that aren’t relevant to the room type. For example – and we know it’s a silly example but you’d be surprised how often we see it – don’t leave bicycles in the dining room! And put dog beds outside during viewings – empty floors make rooms seem larger.


Give every room its own identity

Prospective buyers need to picture themselves living, eating, sleeping and entertaining in your house, flat or bungalow.


Make it easy for them to see where they would do all those things. 


If your dining room doubles as an office, hide your computer and lay the table for dinner when you’ve got viewings. The same goes if you use the spare bedroom as an office – if possible, add a bed to the room so people can recognise the space as an extra bedroom.


Show how “extra” rooms can be used

If you’re lucky enough to have three reception rooms, show how the least used room can be used as a “den” or playroom by adding a sofa, TV and some storage space. Or, add a bookcase and a comfy chair to demonstrate how the room can be used as a sanctuary for peace and quiet.


Create some magic

Adding large mirrors to dark or narrow hallways can bring an incredible sense of space and light to the less impressive areas of your property. 


And, clever ceiling lighting can illuminate dark rooms to make them work welcoming and appealing.


It’s much more than just window dressing but ….

Have you ever viewed a property without looking out of every window? No, nor have we – and everybody does it. 


We’re hoping there will be a great view and there’s not much you can do about that. 


Unless we’re looking out over rolling fields with lambs frolicking or the London skyline from the 75th floor of a penthouse, we’re going to notice dirty windowsills, tatty net curtains and smelly curtains.


 Prepare for a visit from your critical Aunt!

We all have that one relative (known in the family as Mrs Bucket – that’s pronounced Bouquet dear) who will come into our home and find that one bit of dust we missed on the windowsill or the broken doll sticking out from under the sofa. 


Tidy your home so that even Aunt Edith couldn’t find fault with it.


Sims Williams would like to thank interior designer Andrew Knight from The In-House Design Company for his help creating this article. The In-House Design Company provides expert styling and “dressing” of homes and venues and works with developers to design the interiors of new homes.

Sims Williams is an independent estate agents with offices in Arundel (01903 885678), Walberton (01243 551368) and Chichester (10243 787868. We’ve been helping customers buy and sell their homes for over 35 years.  Call us today and let’s get moving.

Sims Williams 11.02.18
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